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Utility company uses telematics to reduce fuel and accident costs

An electric utility company was tasked internally to drive down operating costs. Specifically, the focus was placed on reducing accidents/liability and fuel spend.

Our Solution

Pilot program of Element's Telematics-powered service

Element Telematics Case Study

The company implemented a pilot of Element's Telematics-powered service for fleets to help managers enforce speeding policies, decrease idling, increase seat belt use and reduce erratic driving behaviors. The initial pilot program included 29 vehicles.


Through the use of in-vehicle reminders (buzzers), customized driver scorecards and customized manager dashboards, all of the targeted metrics were improved:

  • Reduced idling and speeding miles by 54% and 17% respectively.
  • Seat belt usage was up dramatically at 99.4% and mileage decreased 9%.
  • Savings on a per unit basis totaled $40.58 per month or $486.96 per year. If extrapolated over the entire 2,400 unit fleet, savings could potentially reach $1,168,704.

Fleet Profile


  • Utility

Total Fleet Size

  • 8,000

Fleet Type

  • Service fleet

Services Utilized

  • Financing
  • Telematics
  • Accident
  • Fuel
  • Maintenance
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