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Fleet Truck Acquisition

Getting the right truck fleet for the right job

Every truck has a special and specific job in your fleet – and choosing the right one is the key to minimizing your costs while maximizing that asset's productivity. Through site visits, ride-alongs and observations, our truck acquisition specialists and technical engineers consult with you on your truck needs to ensure you select the right trucks for the job.

Element Truck Services Overview

We can do the heavy lifting – with ease

Truck acquisition services - Element Fleet

Once you select the right truck, we're all about getting it delivered and on the road through a smooth and proven process. You can count on us to coordinate production schedules, delivery locations and in-service processes. And, our tracking program enables you to schedule equipment orders, track production through all stages, and report on current vehicle status and project orders.

Our relationships ensure the right trucks at the right price

Element uses its volume leverage to pool acquisition costs and gain competitive pricing from all the major OEMs. We also leverage our industry-leading database to ensure you get the best pricing, discounts and OEM marketing programs.

Truck specifications and engineering solutions that fit your business

We’ll consult with you on your truck specification needs to ensure your truck selection positively impacts driver satisfaction, maintenance costs and lease payments. We’ll review your proposed final equipment specifications, and also organize and conduct pilot reviews with your staff and the first-built unit to confirm actual build specifications.

Start to finish production and delivery management

Element coordinates production schedules, delivery locations and in-service processes, and our tracking program enables you to schedule equipment orders, track production through all stages, and report weekly on current vehicle status and projections of truck ordering.

Our expert teams will handle all the administrative interactions with the OEMs so you can stay focused on your core business. Once your truck is built, we’ll manage all post-production processes to get the vehicle road-ready.

Plus, we make invoicing easy. We’ll issue purchase orders to suppliers and OEMs for equipment purchases on your behalf, and review incoming invoices for accuracy.

Unrivaled industry expertise

We’ve got the best-curated network of preferred supplier partners in the business. And we use these established relationships with all the major truck, trailer and equipment OEMs, truck upfit and modification centers to build and deliver to your exact specifications.

We also leverage our deep market expertise in trends and buying cycles to keep you informed about transport market trends, such as potential regulatory changes impacting equipment prices, and new and used truck market conditions.

Why Element

The Element advantage

Knowledgeable acquisition consultants who know your fleet and your goals

Engineers aligned to your industry

Experts in specialized areas

End-to-end truck ordering assistance

Supplier relationships that enhance your experience

Truck upfitting supplier relationships

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