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5 Ways Connected Fleet Vehicles Will Change the Workday for Corporate Executives

Most company executives don’t really think about their cars or trucks, but connected vehicles can impact day-to-day operations, affecting the organization’s overall operational efficiency. We all know connected vehicles are here, but what does this technology mean for the day-to-day routine of a company executive?

5 ways connected fleet

Most company executives with vehicles don’t really think about their cars or trucks. Even if you oversee a team with a fleet, how those vehicles impact the day-to-day operations of the company probably isn’t something you spend much time on.

But as technology changes the way we drive, and the way we move goods and services, these innovations can have a ripple effect in a business. It begins with the driver and extends through to supervisors and executives, impacting the organization’s overall operational efficiency. Take for example, if a driver’s supervisor receives a real-time notification about a speeding violation – now the supervisor can immediately work with the driver to put a stop to it. Without this innovative technology, the supervisor wouldn’t have known the driver was a member of the 80-mile-per-hour band.

While drivers and supervisors are often the first to notice the effects of connected vehicle technology, upper management, and C-level executives feel the effects too. 

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