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3 ways to prepare for the new era of fleet management

Thursday, December 14, 2017

By: Michele Cunningham, SVP, Products & Services, Element Fleet Management

Modern transportation is changing rapidly – and the fleet industry is in a time of transition. Today’s fleet managers need to stay up to date on fuel costs and maintenance, policy strategies, electronic logging devices and constantly emerging trends.

Mobility management - Element Fleet Management

In this new era, successful companies need to do more than just acknowledge the changes in fleet management. Adopting a new mindset of mobility management helps organizations get ahead of competitors by solving the problems and pain points where outdated practices fall short.

Here are a few strategies to keep in mind as fleet management moves into the era of mobility management:

Think beyond traditional fleet practices

New technologies continue to chance the way people, goods and services move from one place to another. Forward-looking mobility managers will think beyond mileage, scheduling maintenance and drove productivity. They’ll ask questions like: How can we better manage assets to optimize use, recover costs and turn them into profit centers using telematics data and fleet/asset management systems?

Use the power of data

Data and analytics are impacting companies across all industries – and it’s critical for fleets to put this data to work. Mobility managers can use data insights from fleet management platforms, in-vehicle diagnostics and third-party sources to create strategies to solve current problems and predict future outcomes. 

Train for the future

In this new era, training is an important investment. Empowering employees with the knowledge and skills to handle new processes and evolving responsibilities will help drive cost optimization. Every role, from operations to human resources, should know how these technologies are impacting their part of the business’ mobility strategy. Additionally, companies that invest in learning how new technology can make their business more efficient will help increase productivity in news ways.

To learn more, read the full article on Fleet Management Weekly. How are you adopting the new era of mobility management? Let us know on Twitter, @ElementFleet.

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