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Fleet management strategy: Material Handling Equipment maintenance

Friday, April 17, 2015

By: Keith Trumbull, VP, Element Fleet Management, Material Handling Equipment

My latest article in Fleet Management Weekly is all about one of the most important subjects related to material handling equipment: Fleet maintenance.

Material handling equipment maintenance

It’s one thing to have a checklist of normal things to take care of, like checking batteries, cables, electric wires and spark plugs for wear and corrosion; transmission fluid for appropriate level, color and odor and hoses and hydraulic valves for leaks or breaks in the sealing.

But what’s really valuable is a fleet maintenance plan – and this article provides some recommendations for developing one. Read it here:

Spring Into Material Handling Equipment Maintenance

Having and sticking to a maintenance plan not only enhances safety and productivity, but reduces costs.

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And if you have a topic you’d like me to cover in my series of article on material handling equipment, please let me know!

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