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Individuals responsible for fleet require experience and the appropriate resources to care for a variety of essential components associated with Fleet Management. We welcome the opportunity to assist you by providing expert advice and delivering proactive solutions.

The efficient use of vehicles plays an important role in fulfilling business objectives.  Leverage the experience and expertise of Element Fleet Management to deliver proactive solutions for this key component of fleet administration.

When surveyed on the subject, fleet operators consistently identify cost reduction and control as a primary mandate of their business or organization. Element Fleet works with clients to implement workable solutions to effectively manage each key component of fleet expenses.

Effectively preventing or mitigating liability involves much more than determining the appropriate insurance coverage to protect employees and the reputation of your company or organization. At Element Fleet Management, we proactively work with our Clients and provide programs to assist them in implementing the core elements of a fleet safety strategy.
Allnorth is a multi-disciplinary engineering company operating throughout Canada with a fleet of over 180 pickups and SUV’s. Element Fleet is our provider of truck lease services, truck up-fitting, maintenance tracking and control and 7x24 accident services support. We find Element Fleet to be detail oriented, thorough and professional in all of their dealings. They support our efforts to maximize fleet safety and vehicle availability while minimizing operating costs. We realize that our truck fleet is an important part of our corporate image and client service and our ability to provide a superior level of safety and service is enhanced through the involvement of Element Fleet.

Allnorth Consultants Limited

Impressive! Your proactive, consultative approach and the range of services you offer are what we need to assist us in achieving our corporate cost-saving mandate.  

Flynn Canada Ltd.

In my role as Fleet Coordinator, I take advantage of the multiple services that Element Fleet Management provides.  I deal with our fleet companywide; the vast and comprehensive reporting available through the Fleet-EaseTM website is instrumental in allowing me to complete my day to day responsibilities.  We have saved significant amounts of time and money by using the Fleet card program for our light duty trucks.  This has allowed us flexibility and confidence when applying the program to the remainder of our fleet.

Newalta Corporation
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