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Why use a fleet management company?

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The importance of your fleet

Your fleet is a strategic asset that plays a critical role in your company’s success. Fleet is also one of the top five controllable expenses – which is why effective management is vital to reducing operating costs and increasing driver productivity. As a fleet manager, your actions affect your company’s bottom line by:

  • Having vehicles where and when you need them

  • Having the right vehicles for the right job

  • Keeping those vehicles on the road and productive

  • Ensuring driver safety

  • Minimizing corporate risk

Why should independent fleets partner with Element?

When it comes to independently managed fleets, you may be missing out on crucial support and insight, making a partner like Element beneficial. We have the knowledge, volume purchasing power, resources and technology essential to manage your fleet assets efficiently. Some of the advantages of moving from an independently managed fleet to working with Element are:

  • Customized solutions

    • Whether you're 100% hands-on or want to leave everything to us (or somewhere in between), we can develop a fleet program that’s tailored to your company’s specific needs and goals

  • Cost savings

    • We’re experts in vehicle right-sizing, alternative fuels, telematics solutions, and we have long-standing relationships with OEMs, all of which can add up to significant cost savings.

  • Asset management

  • Does your company use forklifts, pickers, pallet jacks or other material handling equipment? Often overlooked, these items are just as important to manage as your fleet of vehicles. At Element, we offer asset management, not just vehicle management.

The decision to partner with a fleet management company is an important one, and Element is here to help you manage any and all aspects of your fleet’s lifecycle. Get started by exploring our fleet resources and comprehensive suite of services.

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