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Fleet Safety Program

Reduce corporate risk while increasing driver safety

It's important to have safe drivers on the road. We’re here to help you make that happen. Our Safety program integrates consultative expertise and advanced analytics with driver training programs and additional safety services to help keep your drivers safe while cutting your expenses and risk.

Better drivers make for a safer fleet

Our personalized fleet safety programs help you identify high-risk drivers through driver record checks and driver profile programs. We follow that up with targeted driver training for those most at-risk to improve their driving behavior and skills.

Customized fleet safety programs

Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) checks

Running MVRs on pre-hires, employees and secondary drivers who drive your vehicles just makes good business sense. Our MVR programs manage the entire process for you, from facilitating driver authorization to ensuring compliance with governmental agencies to storing all driver documentation on a secure website for you to access.

Driver risk profile

Want to know more about your drivers? Our driver risk profile program gives you information that goes beyond MVR checks. We combine driver MVR data with accident events and completed safety training to provide a complete risk picture. We can also integrate telematics events, photo enforcement violations and other data. When a driver's risk level increases, you're notified as part of our fleet risk management service. Assign additional safety training or take remedial action – the decision is yours.

Driver safety training

Safe drivers lead to lower collision rates and lower overall risk – which is exactly what you want. We can develop a tailored safety policy module with a test to ensure your drivers acknowledge and understand your company policy. Plus, our interactive web safety training modules test drivers on the content, so you know they took the course. And if you like, remedial web training can be automatically assigned due to a collision and/or MVR violations.

Mobile telematics safety solution (US)

CoPilot is our mobile telematics solution deployed in a smartphone app that detects, measures and scores unsafe driving behaviors. Optional tag adheres to vehicle for greater data collection. Ability to link to driving training and coaching to reduce fleet risk and crash related costs. Learn more.

Case study: Driver training reduces crash rates


A client serving the energy industry wanted to reduce its collision rate to shrink costs and improve their safety record

  • Fleet of light trucks that operate in challenging and remote locations
  • Average 16 million miles per year


Element analyzed the client’s vehicle collisions.

  • Element study found the client's drivers needed to focus on reducing particular incidents such as animal-related crashes, backing crashes, and hazard identification and response
  • Element implemented personalized driver training to target problem areas


  • 55% reduction in highway crashes
  • 39% overall reduction in crash rates from 5.75 to 3.49 per million miles

Collisions happen. And when they do, you want to minimize costs, reduce risk and get your vehicles up and running again quickly. Our full-service Collision Management program covers everything from the first reporting of a colllision to getting your vehicle back on the road, and includes managing and negotiating repairs and getting maximum payout from third parties.

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Our telematics solution helps you identify where each vehicle in your fleet is at any given time. It also helps reduce your total emissions, fuel costs, operating costs and more while improving driver accountability, safety and service response times.

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