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Telematics improve fleet effectiveness for energy company

A customer serving the energy industry needed visibility into the location of all its vehicles at all times, especially when an emergency response was needed. However, the company did not have a handle on its inventory and did not know where all its vehicles were located.

In addition, the customer’s DOT-related compliance was ineffective, and it wanted to increase compliance in case of an audit.

Our solution

Telematics consultant helped customer reduce spending costs

Element installed telematics devices in 500 units

After analyzing the customer's fleet operations, Element Fleet Management recommended the implementation of our Telematics service. We installed telematics devices, which included in-cab buzzers, in 500 units. As part of our end-to-end service, the dedicated telematics consultant assigned to the customer helped interpret all the data. One analysis of the results showed the company was spending approximately $336,000 per year in idling, some of which could be reduced. 


As a result of implementing telematics, the customer achieved immediate visibility into 100% of its fleet. Understanding vehicle inventory and location made it possible to better deploy vehicles in emergency situations. DOT regulatory compliance improved dramatically; the company now automates its IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) reporting, freeing up drivers and managers from manual reporting and plans to implement the Hours of Service capability. Driver safety improved along with the company’s corporate risk profile. The company also reduced unnecessary idling and related fuel costs, and with the capability to monitor engine hours, they also improved preventive maintenance to help avoid catastrophic engine failures.

Fleet Profile


  • Environmental

Total Fleet Size

  • 500

Fleet Type

  • Service
  • Decentralized, but moving to centralized, light trucks, medium and heavy trucks

Services Utilized

  • Title, Licensing & Regulation
  • Telematics
  • Accident
  • Maintenance
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