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Fleet maintenance solutions

Reduce vehicle downtime and increase driver productivity with fleet maintenance services

Companies rely on fleet vehicles to conduct everyday operations – and whether they’re cars or trucks, those vehicles need upkeep. The expense of vehicle maintenance coupled with taking vehicles and drivers out of service may often have a negative impact on your service levels and profits.

How our fleet maintenance solutions work

Element Fleet Maintenance Solutions

Maintaining your vehicles is a necessary part of business, but outsourcing fleet management services to Element makes it simpler. Make your business more productive and prosperous by letting our experts manage your fleet’s maintenance.

Vehicle fleet maintenance helps to improve your overall fleet productivity by bringing maintenance and repair costs under control while increasing vehicle and driver uptime. We achieve this through comprehensive maintenance and repair services, unmatched buying power and more actionable data for better analysis and decisions.

A few of the many benefits to outsourcing your vehicle fleet maintenance and repair include:

  • Getting your drivers back on the road faster – Our expert team of maintenance managers will arrange repairs, complete the paperwork, pay the vendor and get your drivers back on the road quickly, minimizing productivity losses for your business.
  • Saving money – fleet management companies negotiate fleet discounts for vehicle maintenance on your behalf allowing you to take advantage of reduced pricing at national vendors. Our unrivaled buying power gives you access to cost-effective fleet maintenance services.
  • Capitalizing on expert advice – delegate your fleet maintenance services to professionals who spend their careers working with vehicle maintenance. The knowledgeable and experienced experts can provide you with detailed information on your specific fleet as well as strategies for improving repair costs.
  • Helping drivers tackle fleet maintenance tasks quicklyXcelerate for Drivers, our proprietary fleet management technology, provides your drivers with convenient and fast online and mobile tools to keep their vehicles maintained. 

One of the biggest benefits to outsourcing your fleet maintenance is how it helps you service your client base. You gain expert help from maintenance professionals who have extensive experience working with fleet management and by getting your vehicles back on the road quickly, your clients gain access to higher levels of service.

Element can save you valuable time and money in managing your vehicle fleet maintenance needs. Let us show you how.

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