Registration and Licensing Updates

While the current operational status of regional Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) locations can cause impacts to the timing of title, license and registration delivery, Element state and provincial experts continuously monitor DMV status to keep you informed.

Use this page as a resource for current DMV closures, delays and issues that could impact the timing of your title, license and registration transaction.

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Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, Wyoming

Nov 19, 2021 Current Nov 19, 2021
  • Collateral Services All
  • Title and License Transactions in CO, DE, GA, IA, TN, TX, WV, and WY
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Motor Vehicle Closures/Delays

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Motor Vehicle Closures/Delays

Department of Motor Vehicle delays week ending 9/19/2021:

• Denver County, Colorado is processing work from 9/22

• Delaware is processing work from 9/13

• Clayton County, Georgia is processing work from 10/20

• Scott County, IA is processing work from 11/1

• Shelby County, Tennessee is processing work from 10/4

• Harris County, Texas is 6-8 weeks

• West Virginia DMV is 2 weeks behind on new work

• Laramie County, Wyoming is processing work from 9/1



Nov 11, 2021 Current Nov 11, 2021
  • Collateral Services All
  • Title and License Transactions in TN
Tennessee will no longer require emissions testing in all counties except Davidson County

Tennessee will no longer require emissions testing in all counties except Davidson County


The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) announced that vehicle emissions testing in five Tennessee counties - (Hamilton, Rutherford, Sumner, Williamson, and Wilson) will end.


Davidson County will continue vehicle emissions testing.


What’s New

On or before Jan. 13, 2022, vehicles in Hamilton, Rutherford, Sumner, Williamson, and Wilson counties requires vehicle emissions testing.


After Jan. 13, 2022, vehicles in Hamilton, Rutherford, Sumner, Williamson, and Wilson counties will no longer be required to get a vehicle emissions test.


Vehicle emissions testing in Davidson County will not end on Jan. 14, 2022. Vehicles in Davidson County will still be required to complete vehicle emissions testing.



Air quality in Tennessee is much cleaner. The testing no longer served a purpose as most modern vehicles are aligned with emissions standards.



Effective January 14, 2022


What or Who is Impacted

Vehicles located in Hamilton, Rutherford, Sumner, Williamson, and Wilson counties


What you Need to Know

TDEC will be coordinating with the Tennessee Department of Revenue to ensure that all mailings for vehicle registration renewals accurately detail vehicle emissions testing requirements. However, if you are a resident of Hamilton, Rutherford, Sumner, Williamson or Wilson County and you receive renewal correspondence after Jan. 13, 2022, indicating a need for vehicle emissions testing, please disregard the information regarding vehicle emissions testing.

• View for more information regarding TN Emissions testing ending 2022.

• Vehicle emissions testing in Davidson County will not end on Jan. 14, 2022. Vehicles in Davidson County will still be required to complete vehicle emissions testing in order to register their vehicle. For more information on Davidson County’s vehicle emissions testing, visit



Oct 26, 2021 Current Oct 26, 2021
  • Registration Renewal
  • Registration Renewals in MD
MDOT MVA Insurance Verification Process and Tips

REMINDER – MDOT MVA Insurance Verification Process and Tips


What's New & Why:

The MDOT MVA previously had upgraded their systems to automatically validate vehicle insurance.

To ensure you do not experience any disruption in the registration renewal process, please ensure your insurance provider has updated vehicle insurance information directly with the MDOT MVA Insurance Carrier portal.

The MDOT MVA will automatically check for vehicle insurance information registered in their portal. If the insurance information has not been provided by the carrier by VIN number, the registration renewal may be delayed.

The MDOT MVA has notified local authorities to pull over and remove vehicle plates that are not in compliance with insurance regulations.


Collateral Services has been working directly with MDOT MVA to help clean up and identify insurance holds.


What You Need to Know and help prevent future issues:

• There are two main points. Insurance Holds (no proof on file) which are URGENT and future hold prevention (Submission of insurance to MDOT MVA via VIN). Note: Element is not an insurance company and cannot submit proof of insurance for our customers.

• Confirm with your insurance carrier has submitted insurance policies coverage by VIN number through the portal and has no lapse in coverage

• Ensure all Newly On-road vehicles are reported to MDOT MVA immediately to avoid insurance hold issues.

• Be cognizant of State transfers into the State of MD and ensure your customer’s insurance broker is updating VINs and coverage with MDOT MVA

• Avoid a lapse in insurance coverage: Prior to canceling an old policy, ensure the newly purchased insurance effective date of the policy matches the cancellation date of the old policy.

• Your Insurance Broker can be updated with the MDOT MVA through the carrier insurance portal.

• Reminder with leased vehicles that MD license plates should be returned to Element prior to canceling any vehicle insurance.

• Collateral Services is online with MD and will be checking for holds at the time of renewal, 60 days prior to expiration date. If there is a hold, Collateral Services will reach out directly to your broker or Element contact for assistance.

• Proactively communicate upcoming MD Renewals and incoming State Transfers with your insurance broker to ensure all VINS are submitted to MDOT MVA online.



Oct 19, 2021 Current Oct 19, 2021
  • Collateral Services All
  • Title and License Transactions in TX
Texas Submission of Title and License Transactions

Texas Submission of Title and License Transactions

During the pandemic and tropical storm closures the State of Texas recognized the need for surrounding counties to process motor vehicle title and license transactions when the resident county is closed. Texas law currently provides that a title/registration application must be submitted to the tax assessor-collector of the county in which the owner resides. Only if the tax assessor-collector in this county is closed may the applicant file a title/ registration application with the tax assessor-collector of another county that is willing to process the transaction.

What’s New

Effective March 1, 2022, Senate Bill 876 will allow vehicle owners to submit a title/registration application to any county assessor-collector who is willing to accept and process the transaction. This change will enable leasing companies and other high-volume users of motor vehicle titling services to potentially run all of their transactions through any willing county, regardless of where the vehicle will be garaged or resides.


To provide greater flexibility to titleholders/registrants and county tax assessors-collectors during closures.


March 1, 2022

What or Who is Impacted

TX Motor Vehicle Title and License Transactions

What you Need to Know

• The ability of Element to utilize any county is subject to the county’s willingness to process the non-resident county transactions.

• This is a welcome change in view of recent closures that impacted timeliness of Title and License transaction completion. The overall expected impact of this change is currently under review and will be communicated in a future publication.



Aug 27, 2021 Current Aug 27, 2021
  • Initial Title & Registration
  • Title Management & State Transfers
  • Title and License Transactions in MA
Massachusetts RMV Upgrade and Client Registry Validation

Massachusetts RMV Upgrade and Client Registry Validation – Placing Hold on Title Transactions

What’s New

The State of Massachusetts, Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) are placing a hold on all title and registrations transactions when a company has changed their name and has failed to update the RMV, and all existing vehicles registered in MA with their name change.


This is part of a compliance audit/cleanup effort taking place by the RMV to ensure the client records are accurate.


Effective Immediately

What or Who is Impacted

MA Businesses with Name Changes

What you Need to Know

• Element has confirmed with the RMV Division that a client must be registered with both the Secretary of Commonwealth, Corporations Division and Register of Motor Vehicles (RMV). The registered name must match both Divisions. If the client’s company name has changed or does not match and the matter has not been amended, all title transactions will be placed on hold until all titles are corrected into the new name.

• Clients that have changed their name and are uncertain if it has been reported to the state directly, clients can contact Register of Motor Vehicles at 857-368-8055 and/or Commonwealth, Corporations Division at 617-727-9640 for more information.

• Contact your FPS partner or Customer Care representative to request a project to be entered.


Rhode Island

Aug 25, 2021 Current Aug 25, 2021
  • Title Management & State Transfers
  • On vehicles previously titled and moving into the State of RI
Rhode Island VIN Check

Rhode Island VIN Check -

on vehicles previously titled and moving into the state

To register your vehicle in the State of Rhode Island, a VIN Check is required when a title is from another state.

What’s New

If the title is from another state or the vehicle was registered in another state, and the model year of vehicle is 2001 or newer, a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) check is required before you register the vehicle.


Part of the titling process is ensuring the Vehicle Identification Number has been verified prior to completing the title and license.


September 1, 2021

What or Who is Impacted

Title and license transactions for vehicles moving into Rhode Island. All Title Management processes with out of state titles.

What you Need to Know

• Please note that the title copy must be presented along with the vehicle at the time of the VIN check.

• Can be performed by local police

• There is a cost to perform this service. Please contact the police department you are going to visit to inquire the cost and what forms of payment they accept, as not all Police Departments accept cash.

Please visit for more details regarding the RI VIN check.

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