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While the current operational status of regional Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) locations can cause impacts to the timing of title, license and registration delivery, Element state and provincial experts continuously monitor DMV status to keep you informed.

Use this page as a resource for current DMV closures, delays and issues that could impact the timing of your title, license and registration transaction.

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Jul 12, 2021 Current Jul 12, 2021
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Maryland Validates Vehicle Insurance

Maryland Validates Vehicle Insurance at the Time of Title and Registration Transactions

Effective immediately, the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration (MDOT MVA) will now validate vehicle insurance at the time of a title and registration transaction.

What’s New

The MDOT MVA recently upgraded their systems to automatically validate vehicle insurance.

To ensure there are no disruptions in your title and registration transactions, please ensure your insurance provider has updated vehicle insurance information by VIN number directly into the MDOT MVA Insurance Carrier portal.


The MDOT MVA will automatically check for vehicle insurance information registered in the portal. If the insurance information has not been provided by the carrier by VIN number, the title and registration transaction may be delayed.

The MDOT MVA has notified local authorities to pull over and remove vehicle plates that are not in compliance with insurance regulations.


Effective immediately

Call to Action

- Confirm with your insurance carrier has submitted insurance policies coverage by VIN number through the portal and has no lapse in coverage.

- Avoid a lapse in insurance coverage: Prior to canceling an old policy, ensure the newly purchased insurance effective date of the policy matches the cancellation date of the old policy.

- Insurance can be updated with the MDOT MVA through the carrier insurance portal.

- Remember that MD license plates for leased vehicles should be returned to Element prior to canceling any vehicle insurance.

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