Fleet Technology | Element Fleet Management

Fleet management technology that enhances productivity and decision-making

Element Fleet Management's technology is designed to make you, your fleet assets and your drivers more productive. We continue to invest in and develop new tools that enhance your ability to strategize, handle fleet tasks anywhere at any time, and receive flawless customer service from Element. Our customer experience goal: To make our fleet technology tools easy, effective and enjoyable to use by you and your drivers.

Element's client portal – Cutting-edge fleet technology platform that will help you and others in your organization manage fleet easily and effectively.

Element's driver portal – Allows fleet drivers to easily access their fleet information and complete vehicle and driver tasks via any device – mobile phone, tablet or desktop – in a way that's easy, intuitive and convenient.

User Experience – Dedicated group focused on developing and enhancing technology tools that generate increased productivity for drivers and managers alike.

Telematics – Unique service that combines in-vehicle technology and fleet data with consultative analytics and end-to-end management to dramatically improve driver safety, productivity and total cost of ownership.

Xplore – Dynamic business intelligence tool that allows you and your management team to collaborate with our strategic consultants to quickly and easily investigate infinite combinations of data to uncover opportunities for fleet optimization.

FleetSelect – North American vehicle ordering system that streamlines the ordering process, decreases order time, increases accuracy, and increases the number of vehicle orders that are "touchless" and go straight to the motor companies.

Quality Management – Unique Six Sigma-based technology tool that focuses specifically on improving customer service and productivity, while providing tremendous visibility into our performance on your behalf.

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