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Fleet Vehicle Financing & Leasing

Vehicle fleet financing for cars & light trucks

Maximize your cash flow and minimize your costs using Element's fleet vehicle financing. 

When it's time to purchase or lease company vehicles, you want flexible, economical financing that makes sense for your business. At Element, we bring our financial expertise and strength to help make your fleet leasing and financing decisions easy, straightforward and cost-effective.

Fleet financing services that work for your business

Our range of customized fleet leasing services and vehicle financing options are structured to maximize your cash flow, with attractive rates and flexibility to accommodate the use and life of your vehicles. As costs are spread over the life of the vehicle, you benefit from increased operating capital and available credit to use for other business purposes.

Dedicated strategic consultants provide you with lifecycle cost, vehicle selection and replacement analysis to minimize your total cost of ownership. Financing and proactive consulting - a win-win situation.

Get more out of your fleet investment, improve your cash flow and reduce costs with our financing options.

Flexible vehicle leasing and financing options

Element Fleet Financing

Financing options for new cars and light trucks can be customized to meet your specific goals:

  • Operating lease
  • Capital lease
  • Sale and leaseback funding
  • Rental fleet financing
  • Client owned acquisition program

Why Element

Get more out of your fleet investment

Leverage the purchasing power of Element and the tax benefits of leasing to reduce vehicle acquisition and financing costs

Strategic consultants and specialists provide lifecycle cost, vehicle selection and replacement analysis to minimize total cost of ownership

Comprehensive view into your fleet's operational costs (total cost of ownership)

Element simplifies the administrative and operational requirements around vehicle financing via:

Integrated ordering

Invoice payment

Tax administration

Ongoing inventory management

Is it time to order new vehicles or equipment? Do you know when your assets should be replaced to increase resale values? Are your drivers in the right vehicle to do their job effectively? Lots of questions. We have answers. Element Fleet Management provides you with end-to-end ordering support from consultation through title and registration and will save you money in the process.

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