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Title, License & Registration

We’ll deliver your tags on time, every time

Managing the titling and registration for your company cars and light trucks is time consuming and complicated. Any mistake can prove costly in the form of tickets, tows or fines as the result of expired or missing tags. Our Title, Licensing & Registration renewal programs deliver the plates and tags to your drivers, on time. No more hassles for you, no more lines and wait times for your drivers.

Comprehensive fleet licensing services that keep your fleet in compliance

Our team of state and provincial experts ensure your fleet vehicles are legally on the road. We handle all the administrative tasks associated with titling, licensing and registration, working directly with your drivers to ensure necessary paperwork is completed and the vehicle on road.

We'll monitor, process and keep all your registrations current. Let our experts manage the increasingly complex registration process for you.

Element Fleet Title, License & Registration Overview

Initial title and registration (U.S.)

Dedicated team provides comprehensive services to title and register your car and light truck fleets quickly and accurately.

Title management (U.S.)

Our fleet title management program ensures your cars and light trucks are properly titled. Element's program takes care of the details for you:

  • Maintains and stores vehicle titles to safeguard and organize
  • Provides access to title images
  • Timely turnaround for title changes
  • Handles specialty transactions (i.e., ownership transfers, lease-backs)
  • Ensures correct titles for every vehicle in inventory
  • Eliminates hassle at the time of retitling or sale of the vehicle
  • Saves your staff time and costs associated with tracking down missing/lost titles
  • All leased vehicle transfers handled by Element in all states
  • Keep your drivers legal when they transfer locations

Registration renewals on time, every time

We'll make sure your fleet's vehicle registration renewals are completed properly and on time. Prevent penalties, reduce workload and increase productivity. We deliver:

  • Licensing expertise

    • Registration renewal process handled properly and on time across the U.S. and Canada
    • Tracks all registration renewal dates for plates, tags/stickers
    • Monitors changes in state and county filing regulations
  • Convenience

    • Minimizes driver downtime by avoiding trips to the DMV
    • Toll-free driver call center reduces the volume of driver calls to your fleet department
    • Sends tags/stickers and plates directly to your designated drivers
    • Consolidates all registration renewal fees into a single, monthly invoice
    • Eliminates multiple payments to governing agencies and driver reimbursement
  • Fleet Compliance

Insurance card management (U.S.)

Element's insurance card management program is an efficient way to administer insurance card distribution. Let us handle all the details. We'll systematically issue VIN specific insurance cards with the appropriate policy information to your drivers for factory order, dealer stock and non-leased vehicles. Element monitors policy expiration dates and if updates are required, notifies both you and the broker to ensure your policy is kept current. Prevent penalties by letting us keep your insurance information up to date.

Is it time to order new cars or light trucks? Do you know when your assets should be replaced to increase resale values? Are your drivers in the right vehicle to do their job effectively? Lots of questions. We have answers. Element Fleet Management provides you with end-to-end ordering support from consultation through title and registration and will save you money in the process.

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