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Fleet Telematics

End-to-end vehicle telematics solutions for better fleet performance

Element's fleet telematics program for cars and light trucks allows you to focus on the vehicle telematics data that will optimize your fleet. We'll handle all of the logistics and fleet performance management to help you proactively manage fleet efficiency, increase driver safety and productivity, and lower your operating costs.

Technology, support and consulting – a winning combination

It’s not just a matter of installing a telematics device in a vehicle – it’s knowing what to do with the resulting information and having the support infrastructure needed to manage it. The combination of our advanced fleet technology and telematics hardware with knowledgeable consulting and client support will help take the performance of your fleet to a whole new level.

Element's fleet telematics program for cars and light trucks

Unlike other fleet tracking services which leave all administration, reporting and analysis to you, Element eliminates the need to hire additional staff to manage all the moving pieces. Our consultants will help you look at all aspects of your operation, from fleet risk management to operations to identifying optimization opportunities.

Technology agnostic

Our goal is to be “box neutral.” We don’t just offer one fleet tracking solution, we provide you with a vehicle tracking solution that meets your specific needs. What’s more, we give you the best hardware warranty in the industry.

Seamless integration

With closer tracking of your activity through vehicle telematics, you will no doubt see enhanced driver safety and productivity. Plus, the telematics GPS tracking data is seamlessly integrated with other fleet management services to help you improve cost of ownership through fuel savings, fewer miles/kilometers driven and lower fleet vehicle maintenance expenses.

Client support

We have telematics experts focused on program execution and management who can do things such as:

  • Schedule installations at the dealership, so your drivers don’t have to
  • Deactivate devices when we sell vehicles for fleet lease disposal
  • Sync driver-vehicle assignments to telematics

Strategic consulting

Our approach to telematics isn’t just about saving pennies – we work with you to help your fleet operations run more effectively. We have dedicated telematics consultants that will work with you to understand what is important in the data you have, and what you should be doing with it.

Why Element

Program options:

Telematics Monitor

Access to locational, driver and vehicle behavioral data

Telematics Insights

Customized reporting and telematics analytics

Fleet Optimization

Territory, route, daily scheduling planning based on your needs and your client’s requirements

The Element advantage

Improve operational efficiencies

Increase client face time

Lower overall maintenance costs

Improve vehicle utilization

Increase driver safety

Minimize accident costs

Reduce fuel consumption

Improve field efficiency

Reduce your carbon footprint

See how implementation of Element's telematics solution saved over $500,000 in fuel costs in 6 months, and reduced the client's accident spend by 32%.

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With fuel costs in constant flux, monitoring and optimizing fuel consumption is increasingly vital to help manage your bottom line. Element’s fuel services offer the ultimate in convenience to drivers while giving fleet managers built-in control, security and cost savings.

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Every breakdown, repair and routine maintenance visit takes your valuable assets off the road. The sooner your drivers and vehicles can get back up and running, the better. Our premier suite of service programs helps you get maintenance and repair costs under control, while increasing vehicle and driver uptime. When you want to minimize costs and maximize productivity, we’ve got you covered both on and off the road.

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Accidents happen. And when they do, you want to minimize costs, reduce risk and get your vehicles up and running again quickly. Our full-service accident program covers everything from the first reporting of an accident to getting your vehicle back on the road, and includes managing and negotiating repairs and getting maximum payout from third parties.

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