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Global fleet services

Delivering an optimal globalization strategy with proven results

Organizations with a global footprint need a partner who can optimize their global fleet management needs at the local and regional levels. A partner with the reach and resources to support your objectives, and the experience to deliver results. With more than 3 million fleet vehicles under management in over 50 countries around the world, the Element-Arval Global Alliance is that partner.

Element-Arval Global Alliance: Leading the way to global fleet management

Element Fleet Management provides global fleet services through its strong strategic alliances with some of the world's premier fleet management companies. Formed in 1995, the Element-Arval Global Alliance offers a simplified approach to help you manage the complexity of your global fleet. With strategic partnerships in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America and Africa, we provide access to comprehensive fleet management across the globe via a single point of contact.

Comprehensive global fleet services to manage complexities across borders

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Moving from a local to a global fleet management approach can be complex and time-consuming process, but with the right methodology and partners in place, your company can realize measurable results.

Many of Element's clients have come to us for consultation on initiatives such as:

  • Harmonization of global fleet policies
  • Increasing global visibility
  • Improving safety
  • Reducing costs across multiple countries and regions
  • Decreasing environmental footprint
  • Diminishing administrative burden

We provide strategic consulting and best practices for managing global fleets, comprehensive costs analysis and management, and online consolidation and reporting of strategic vehicle fleet data from multiple countries. Local account teams provide expertise and understanding of regional complexities and variations, while a dedicated global account manager focuses on supporting your global fleet strategy.

Advantages of a Global Fleet Program

Selections & Procurement

Our expert global fleet consultants specialize in helping rightsize your international fleet.

Taxation & Regulation

Our global fleet program can ease the strain of rising taxes and complex codes by:

  • Consolidating administrative services

  • Tracking local changes

  • Responding at appropriate intervals

Fuel Consumption Savings & Safety Programs

Your worldwide fleet services provider can help define global fleet oil and gas savings opportunities and formulate a synchronized approach to fleet safety.

Your country operations can then develop a locally appropriate cost-savings and safety-training program that reflects your global goals.

Shared Fleet Services & Data

Partnering with providers like Element-Arval Global Alliance can add a number of resources to your fleet management toolkit, including:

  • The ability to coordinate regional and global studies

  • Support in developing global RFPs

  • Access to a global fleet management system that consolidates regional data to compare benchmarks across borders

We're proud to be the longest-standing global fleet partnership in the industry. Our growing footprint covers 50 countries, and includes close relationships with manufacturers and suppliers all over the world. We've been expanding our coverage for more than 20 years, and we don't intend to stop any time soon.

Our fleet consultants know fleet, and they know their local markets. Their expertise, coupled with best-practice benchmarks, global and regional studies, and regular reviews and consultations ensures your fleet is performing today and optimized for tomorrow.

The Element-Arval Global Alliance is headquartered in a single International Business Office staffed with multi-lingual and multi-cultural teams. Each client is assigned an International Executive Sponsor who serves as the main point of contact for the duration of the relationship. We're proud to report that our global teams have consistently received high client satisfaction and NPS scores for their hard work and quality fleet service.

Our award-winning fleet management technology has the ability to consolidate global fleet analytics data and benchmarks across your entire fleet and compare it to similar organizations in your space. Executive decision-makers will have the power to strategically monitor global KPIs and control, anticipate and optimize total cost of ownership – all in one place, with a single tool.

Because we have the size and scale to support your global fleet management needs, we can apply our fleet policies, practices, services and consultative approach to fleet programs large and small, across multiple countries and geographies. We can provide visibility when you need it and efficiency where it counts, helping you manage costs and improve your bottom line.

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