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MHE Acquisition

Finding you the right equipment for the job

Our knowledgeable acquisition experts are here to guide you through the equipment procurement process. Through on-site visits, we’ll gain an understanding of your operating environment, as well as any specific equipment applications and needs.

Consultation, ordering and delivery – the equipment acquisition trio

From the beginning throughout the entire acquisition process, Element provides objective consultation and works with you to find the right material handling equipment (MHE) for your needs. Once you're ready to purchase, we’ll handle the process from the time the order is placed, all the way through to delivery. 

End-to-end MHE solutions

Element's unmatched suite of end-to-end fleet services for material handling equipment delivers unprecedented value to your company.

As the only single-service provider in the industry, we administer national equipment leasing and equipment fleet services across all material handling equipment nameplates.

Expert consulting driven by your fleet data

By partnering with our expert material handling consultants, you’ll receive periodic evaluations of your fleet program and equipment performance. Together, we’ll create a solution for operating your equipment at its optimal level.

Program options

Operator training

On-site operator training and certification programs led by certified instructors and tailored to your equipment

Local dealer collaboration

Train-the-trainer program coordinated with local dealers to ensure your operators, equipment, and company are OSHA compliant

Site surveys

On-site expert analysis for a better understanding of your current inventory and equipment conditions

The Element advantage

A manufacturer-independent approach designed to deliver the best assets for your needs

Seamless maintenance support for cost control and maximum asset productivity

Advanced training support to enhance operator expertise and safety

Expert consulting recommendations for better program performance

Element Fleet Management's Managed Maintenance program for material handling equipment provides oversight and cost control for both planned and unplanned repair events.

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