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Global EV lessons from Custom Fleet NZ

Excerpt from EV Talk Magazine

It’s Forbes’ first visit to New Zealand – and he’s impressed.

From Nova Scotia in Canada, Forbes joined Element in June 2018 and aims to put New Zealand’s EV lessons to use in his home country, the US and Mexico. He rates New Zealand among world leaders in driving sustainable practices and EV uptake. New Zealand’s small size, renewable energy, innovation, government encouragement and regulation, plus closeness to Asia where EV battery technology is rapidly developing, are factors in the country’s favour for EV uptake and development, Forbes believes.

Global EV lessons from Custom Fleet NZ

New Zealand is a great place to test and refine EV-related projects for larger markets. So says Element Fleet Management president and chief executive officer Jay Forbes, who intends taking lessons learned about EVs and related subjects during a two-day visit to Custom Fleet NZ to other countries in the group. The Element-Arval Global Alliance is the longest standing strategic alliance in the fleet management industry, managing more than three million vehicles in at least 50 countries with Custom Fleet also under its wing.

Custom Fleet itself made a public commitment to transition 30% of its fleet to EVs by the end of 2019 and has achieved that, with country leader New Zealand, Michelle Herlihy, adding it expects to get to 50% by 2021.

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