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DriverCare Road to Wellbeing Training Series

Friday, June 18, 2021

By: Sherri Ruesink, Product Marketing Manager 

Element’s new DriverCare training series focuses on the connection between driver health and performance. The DriverCare Road to Wellbeing series educates drivers on how to make lifestyle changes that have a positive effect on their driving ability, and level of health overall.

DriverCare Road to Wellbeing

Have you considered that fitness for duty is a concern for all fleet drivers, not just commercial drivers? The health of your drivers can contribute to their ability to function safely behind the wheel. Inversely, an employee’s time behind the wheel can negatively affect their health, resulting in increased health care costs to your organization. 

The DriverCare Road to Wellbeing video training series provides four key lessons for drivers: 

  • Driver Fatigue 

  • Healthy Eating 

  • Fitness 

  • Stress Management 

The Road to Wellbeing series is designed specifically to address the needs of busy drivers, for whom lifestyle changes can be a challenge. This training will give your drivers the resources to develop a routine to get healthy and stay healthy. 

DriverCare Road to Wellbeing Training Series Preview

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