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Recruiting truck fleet drivers: How to find and retain good drivers

Thursday, February 28, 2019

By: Element Fleet Management

One of the biggest challenges in truck fleet management is finding and retaining qualified drivers. According to the American Trucking Association, there's a shortage of roughly 50,000 truck drivers across the United States alone.

The challenge to find truck fleet drivers

Fleet managers everywhere face the same issue: how to find good truck drivers and keep them engaged in the company. Driver recruitment and driver retention should be intentional and strategic.

Recruiting Drivers

  • Ask your drivers for referrals. This is often the easiest way to get qualified candidates for the position. Leverage existing drivers to find candidates that come in knowing what to expect from the position.

  • Step up your online presence and digital advertising. By having a complete digital presence, it becomes easier to communicate with potential applicants or referral sources. Take advantage of web and social media channels to create successful recruiting campaigns and reach a larger audience.
  • Mobile-friendly applications. Most search traffic comes from mobile devices. Make your application process mobile-friendly to capture the pool of applicants that are using mobile devices.
  • Offer a competitive advantage. Whether this is pay, benefit packages or on-the-job training, companies that have a strong competitive advantage are usually more successful in recruiting top talent in a limited pool.
  • Be honest about the job. Good or bad, drivers in the application process should know what the job entails before making it to the final stages of the recruiting process.
  • Critique your interview process. When addressing how to find good truck drivers, it’s important to review your interviewing process. Work to improve your own practice of vetting potential candidates.

Retaining Drivers

  • Make driver satisfaction a priority. Use late model equipment that promotes driver comfort, better ergonomics and equipment reliability. Invest in automated processes and telematics to eliminate the need for manual trip records and log books. This will make life on the road more enjoyable for drivers.
  • Connect technology and productivity. Many drivers entering the field are younger than 35 and are used to leveraging technology to make their jobs more productive.
  • Manage your drivers on-road time. Drivers often complain about the extreme hours or workload they face each day. Fleet managers who are aware of their drivers’ and working conditions can help prevent dissatisfaction.
  • Follow up on your competitive advantages. If you’re able to attract talent using your competitive advantage, make good on those promises. For example, an annual bonus is fully expected once a driver joins your company.

One more tip:  Consider implementing a novice driver training program through reputable training outfits that can qualify their drivers and boost driver retention rates.

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