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Getting your fleet management program into shape in 2021

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

By: Strategic Consulting

As we continue to grapple with the disruptive impacts of COVID-19 in 2021, fleet managers need to be more focused than ever. Despite its challenges, COVID-19 is offering us an opportunity to optimize fleet operations and make them even more resilient.

By taking a broader view of the challenges and opportunities that the pandemic has presented, fleet managers will be much better positioned to succeed in this uncertain environment.

Understand your fleet's starting position

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The global impact of the pandemic on corporate and government fleets has varied from country to country, depending on how aggressively countries have reacted to the pandemic. One thing is constant, driving hours are down across the globe, and there are a variety of external and internal factors that we need to pay close attention to.

  • Some of the key external factors impacting the total cost of ownership (TCO) of fleets include lower interest rates, lower fuel costs and fewer vehicle accidents. The vehicle resale market has been also impacted, and supply chains have been disrupted.
  • Internally, the impacts on fleet vehicle utilization are varied across fleets with non-essential services seeing the biggest decline in miles driven. The cost of doing business has generally increased for all fleets whether it's due to supply chain disruptions or additional driver safety protocols.

The bottom line is that organizations need to consider all these factors and how they impact their specific operations when developing their fleet management strategy. Importantly, teams should be focused on continuous improvement and building nimble and agile approaches to business processes for the year ahead and beyond.

Resources to help you re-think your fleet and shape up in 2021

There are many benefits to thinking more strategically about fleet management. Download our tip sheet "Getting your fleet into shape in 2021to learn more.

You can also view our 2021 fleet optimization webinar for more details on:

  • The biggest trends impacting the fleet management industry in 2021 and how they affect your organization
  • Ways to proactively address hidden costs associated with your fleet
  • The benefits of moving from tactical to strategic fleet management with lessons learned from a successful fleet management partnership: hear from GAL Power, in their own words, describe their journey evolution from tactical fleet management to strategic performance

Throughout the year, be sure to check back here on the Element Fleet Blog for even more ideas on keeping your fleet in top shape!

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