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Keep your fleet in the game: 10 tips to boost your managed maintenance network

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

By: Element Fleet Management

Think of the personal networks you have developed over the years – from your doctor and plumber to your babysitter or barber. Knowing exactly who to turn to and trust gives you confidence and peace of mind.

Keep your fleet in the game - Element Fleet Management

Having trusted and vetted maintenance service providers is critical in helping you meet your customers’ needs. Whether it’s a simple oil change, a complex roadside breakdown or the intricacies of warranty coverage, as a fleet manager you need a reliable maintenance and repair team to get the job done right, efficiently and at a fair cost.

But building a trusted network of ASE-certified technicians takes time and resources, especially if your fleet operates from multiple facilities or over a wide geographical area.  Partnering with a Fleet Management Company (FMC) is like joining a winning team. An FMC helps you develop a vehicle maintenance program, schedule preventive maintenance and improve long term vehicle performance. With a network of vetted and actively managed service providers, you achieve your fleet goals, control maintenance costs and reduce vehicle downtime.

Let's look at the benefits of a Fleet Maintenance Management program: What's in it for you?

Oversight and expanded resources

You want dependable, timely service at a fair price, but having the fleet resources to monitor these goals is not always available or practical. An FMC can set up the right network for you and monitor the associated costs to help you make informed decisions about your fleet policies and future vehicle selections.

Benefits to look for:

  • ASE-certified call center staff
  • Repair negotiation with Certified Case Managers
  • Oversight of driver spend
  • Consolidated billing

Active management

How do you know you’re working with a reputable maintenance and repair shop? Do they hold appropriate insurance for their business? Do they understand “fleet” and the importance of reducing downtime and having fair pricing? Expert resources in the field are critical to making sure your network is built with quality repair facilities — located where you need them and providing the services required for your specific fleet needs.

Benefits to look for:

  • Gap analysis for geographic and capabilities coverage
  • Vetting of shops for insurance, quality controls, minimum repair warranty
  • Contracting and service level agreements
  • Assurance of pricing
  • Verifying capability for digital authorizations and payments

Keeping your vehicles game time ready is critical to the success of the fleet to meet company goals. And much of that hinges on a network of vendors you must rely on to complete the work efficiently, at a fair price and in a convenient location to your drivers.  Consider the benefits of partnering with an FMC and a maintenance program to make new advancements in uptime, cost and resource efficiencies.

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