Zachry Construction reduces fleet costs and gains a long-term partner

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

By: Rebecca Hauser, Commercial Messaging

Zachry Construction is a mid-sized construction company who partners with Element on many aspects of the fleet journey. This includes everything from the delivery of the vehicle to maintaining trucks and tracking expenses to ensure efficient and effective fleet operations.


The work needed to maintain, acquire, and operate Zachry’s vehicles has become an operational challenge and the cashflow required to purchase new trucks every four or five years was unsustainable.


Zachry now relies on Element to manage most aspects of its fleet including maintenance, fuel, remarketing, leasing and more. One of the company’s most important objectives is tracking costs and ensuring vehicles are being used to their fullest extent.


Zachry was able to realize significant cashflow relief from leasing. For any new project, Zachry might purchase 40 new vehicles at $40,000 each, an investment of $1.6 million. Leasing was a much more attractive option financially. In addition, Element’s Tolls & Violations program helped to alleviate the company’s administrative burden. Zachry was able to save more than $100,000 and saved Zachry employees from having to spend valuable time coordinating toll payment and transponder installation for every vehicle. On top of this, Element has helped the company detect and mitigate fuel fraud by monitoring fuel purchases and alerting the company when purchases exceed the recommended thresholds.

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