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Fleet safety tip: Avoiding parking lot hazards

Vehicles often remain parked more than they are in motion – and many accidents occur in parking lots, no matter where you are. Parking lot accidents can cause a major inconvenience, unexpected expense, injury or worse. Here are some ways to avoid parking lot accidents:

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When driving in a parking lot:

  • Check ALL mirrors before backing out of a spot
  • When possible, pull through a spot rather than backing out
  • Drive slowly – no more than 10 mph
  • Constantly check for pedestrians
  • Park away from pedestrians and other vehicles
  • Do not assume other drivers can see you
  • Do not try to “fit” into a spot

When walking in a parking lot:

  • Only use sidewalks and/or crosswalks
  • Wear proper footwear in bad weather
  • Avoid walking in between vehicles
  • Do not assume a driver can see you
  • Avoid using cell phones or other devices that may distract you
  • Keep your head up
  • Do not run

Treat parking lots the same way you would treat a road. Remain alert – whether walking or driving – and follow all safety precautions or posted signs.

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