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Fleet safety tip: Backing up

Studies show that one in four vehicle collisions is the result of poor backing techniques. Even when we’re good at backing up, others can create danger by running behind our vehicle or starting to back up their own vehicle without looking around to see us.

At CTS, we encourage drivers to use the “GOAL” method of backing. Get Out And Look. Avoid a backing collision by getting out to see how close you are backing up to another object.

Tips for backing up properly

Here are some other tips to avoid backing collisions:

  • When parking, pull through the space when available to eliminate the need to back up.
  • If possible, back into a parking space to give yourself better visibility when pulling out.
  • Before entering your vehicle, take a second to walk around it to see if anything has been placed next to the vehicle.
  • If you have a passenger, allow him/her to assist you by getting out and spotting for you while you are backing.
  • Turn and look over your right shoulder while backing. As a safety measure, also look over your left shoulder before you begin backing.
  • Don’t depend exclusively on your side mirrors or looking out your side windows.
  • When you’ve checked everything, back slowly to avoid collisions.

Remember your GOAL – safety first!

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