Fleet safety tip: Benefits of a clean work vehicle

Fleet safety tip: Benefits of a clean work vehicle

Drivers spend much of their time within their vehicles because it is primarily their office space. Having a clean office space is imperative to a healthy work-life and being a productive employee. A clean vehicle offers a plethora of benefits, and it creates a better working condition for not only the driver but the vehicle as well.

Fleet safety tip: Benefits of a clean work vehicle

Benefits of a clean vehicle

  • Better driver mental health – Being in a clean environment can make a driver feel more organized and have an overall happier experience in the vehicle
  • A longer vehicle life – Cleaning the exterior and engine of the vehicle can reduce build-up and corrosion
  • Safer driving – Obstructions and distractions are everywhere in a messy vehicle and can create dangerous driving conditions
  • Better driver physical health – A lot of dust and bacteria build-up within a dirty vehicle can cause drivers to be more susceptible to illness
  • Improved fuel economy – An excess of build-up on the exterior of a car, truck or van can create more drag, causing the engine to work harder

With so many benefits to having a clean fleet vehicle it is hard to argue against keeping it clean. Using these tips, we can help improve the overall health of both fleet drivers and vehicles.

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