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Fleet safety tip: Vehicle safety features

Vehicle technology advancement makes driving safer than ever before, according to a 2015 study  conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The study found that death rates in vehicular accidents have fallen by over 30 percent in three years.


Here are some of the most recent technologies and how they help keep fleet drivers safe:

New car safety features
  • Forward collision warning - This device uses sensors to detect a possible crash. The system will then either alert the driver to the impending danger or slow/stop the vehicle to avoid a collision.
  • Lane departure warning - This mechanism will alert the driver when the vehicle begins to leave its lane without the proper signaling.
  • Lane departure prevention - Once the lane departure warning is signaled, the lane departure prevention will force the vehicle to brake until the driver can get back into the lane.
  • Blind spot warning - Located on the rearview mirrors, the blind spot warning will alert the driver with a red light when another vehicle is in their blind spot.
  • Back-up cameras – Back-up cameras assist drivers when they are in reverse by creating a live view of their surroundings.
  • Fatigue warning - The fatigue warning alerts drivers when they have been traveling too long or if the vehicle begins to swerve in and out of lanes and urges them to pull over and rest.
  • Electronic stability control - The ESC helps vehicles remain stable when traction is reduced or lost.
  • Adaptive headlights - These headlights adjust to the curvature of the road to ensure better visibility at night on dark, winding roads.
  • Adaptive cruise control - This cruise control device will adjust a vehicle’s speed to maintain safe following distances.

Eventually, many of these features will become standard in new fleet vehicles. But until then, it’s important to remember that nothing is safer than your full, undivided attention on the road.

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