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Fleet safety tip: Deer mating season

Did you know that the chances of colliding with a large animal more than doubles during the fall months? And that’s not just deer. In some regions, elk and moose also pose collision risk, according to data from State Farm. 

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With the increased risk of animal collisions, here are some tips to keep you, your vehicle and the wildlife safe this autumn:

  1. Slow down, especially at dusk and dawn – Deer are most active during dusk and dawn.
  2. If you see one, there’s likely more – Deer tend to travel in packs, so when you see one, be prepared for more to appear.
  3. Avoid swerving – When you see an animal, brake firmly and do not swerve. Swerving could cause an even more severe collision.
  4. Stay alert – Remain focused on the road at all times and avoid distractions like eating or using devices that take your attention away from driving.
  5. Pay attention to signs – Those yellow deer crossing signs are there for a reason. Be extra cautious if you are in an area with high animal traffic.

While the fall months bring greater risk of animal collisions, you can stay safe by following these tips and always staying alert and focused on the road.

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