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Fleet safety tip: Driving safely around motorcycles

Summertime seems to bring more motorcyclists on the road. Motorcycles are the smallest vehicles on the roads, and because of their size they appear to be faster and farther away to drivers.

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Here are a few tips when driving near a motorcyclist: 

  • Follow the 4-second rule: Increase your driving distance when you find yourself behind a motorcycle. Choose an object (a tree, road sign or house) and count four seconds between when the motorcycle passes and when you pass. 
  • Respect Mother Nature: Adjust your driving to inclement weather, as it is more hazardous for bikers than for drivers. If you spot a motorcycle ahead during inclement weather, anticipate that the rider might have a little trouble and give them extra space.
  • Look before turning: Many motorcycles aren't equipped with self-canceling turn signals like other vehicles are. If you have to pass or drive next to a motorcycle with a lingering turn signal, proceed with caution.
  • Check your blind spots often: Motorcycles are smaller than cars and it’s easier for them to enter a driver’s blind spot, so check blind spots regularly when changing lanes.
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