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Fleet safety tip: Driving safely around motorcycles

Motorcycles will be more prominent on the roads now that the warm, summer air is finally here. May is National Motorcycle Safety month so take these tips into consideration when driving near motorcycles to keep everyone safe. Be mindful of them out on the road and follow these tips:

Fleet safety tip: Driving safely around motorcycles - Element fleet


Give them space

Do not under any circumstances, tailgate a motorcyclist. It’s important to maintain a safe following distance, allowing sufficient space between you and the motorcycle. Follow the four second rule: choose an object, like a tree or road sign, and count four seconds between when a motorcycle passes and when you pass. This is a good rule of thumb to follow if you’re nervous about how close you are to a motorcycle.

Let them swerve

If you see a pothole in the road, your first instinct is to swerve around it. The same goes for motorcycles but a pothole, as well as other debris that may be in the road, is more hazardous to them than cars. Hitting a pothole could mean life or death for a motorcyclist. If you see a motorcycle swerving back and forth in their lane, they’re doing it for their own safety.

Look twice before you turn

Motorcycles are much smaller and harder to see than other vehicles. It’s important to check your blind spot more than once before making a turn or switching lanes to avoid colliding with a motorcyclist. At intersections, try and make eye contact with the motorcyclist before turning in its direction. Keep in mind that many motorcycles are not equipped with self-canceling turn signals like cars are.

For more safety tips, visit our Tips and Advice page.

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