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Fleet safety tip: Circle of safety

Every day, you jump into your vehicle, start the engine and take off. It happens almost automatically, but are you aware of your surroundings?  Mirrors and/or backup cameras can’t always show the dangers surrounding your vehicle. Element recommends conducting a "circle of safety" before entering your vehicle.

Circle of safety - Element Fleet Management

Here’s what to do:

Check all six sides of your vehicle, including above and underneath

  • Ensure that there are no hazards surrounding your vehicle or anyone hiding behind it
  • Be sure there are no children behind your vehicle, hidden from view
  • Check your tires for anything that could cause damage, like screws or broken glass
  • Look for leaking fluids underneath your vehicle

Maximize your visibility at all times

  • Back into a parking spot whenever possible
  • Leave a few minutes early so you have time to conduct your circle of safety
  • Always check blind spots or areas your mirrors cannot see once inside the vehicle
  • Keep all windows and mirrors clean
  • Remain focused and aware while on the road

Larger fleet vehicles are at the highest risk for objects or individuals surrounding them. Your safety and the safety of others depends on your willingness to take all the proper precautions to avoid accidents.

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