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Fleet safety tip: Left turns

Studies show that the vast majority of people who drive believe they are above average drivers. That means, we often get behind the wheel, start the engine and head down the road without thinking.

Fleet safety tip - left turns

Don't become part of the statistics – consider the following before you make your left turns:

  • Signal your intention
  • Turn from the proper lane and stay in that lane throughout the turn
  • Slow down while turning
  • Check your side and rear view mirrors
  • Do not block the intersection

Additionally, if you find yourself in a left turn lane, but realize you need to go straight, do not pull out into the right lane. Instead, follow through with a left turn, then safely make your travel adjustment. Pulling out of a left turn lane can confuse or startle other drivers, ending in a major collision. Always think ahead and pay attention to your surroundings when making a left turn.

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