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Fleet safety tip: Load securement

Load securement is crucial for fleet drivers, especially loads outside your vehicle. However, it's important to make sure items inside your vehicle are secure as well.


Load securement - Element Fleet Management

Here are some tips on how to properly secure your load and items in your vehicle:

  • Pack most items inside your trunk.
  • If your vehicle has a cargo area rather than a trunk, use cargo nets, anchors or tethers to secure items.
  • Keep objects away from the driver’s floorboard area.
  • During heavy braking or cornering, these items can shift and can prevent use of acceleration and/or brake pedals.
  • Passengers should always be secured as well.
  • Follow all company and state regulations on load securement.
  • Frequently check securement items to be sure they are still in good shape.

Anything not secured can become projectile in the event of an accident. Passengers, laptops, suitcases, books, golf clubs or even people can go flying around the vehicle up to 75 miles per hour. When in doubt, always secure it!

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