Fleet safety tip:  Myths about winter driving

Fleet safety tip: Myths about winter driving

Winter is on its way, and for many locations, it is already here; Northern and Midwest areas have already started to receive snow. With the temperatures steadily dropping, the chances of frozen patches on the ground, snowfall, and other winter hazards increase, and it will be essential to know myth from fact as you drive during the winter months.

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Here are some myths about driving in winter:

  • Let your vehicle idle before driving it in cold weather. This advice may seem like a great idea for fleet drivers who must stay in their cold vehicles while getting to the job. However, cars, vans, and trucks have been developed to drive while still being cold, and idling is just wasting fuel and money.
  • Having four-wheel drive makes your car safe to drive in snow. Most fleet drivers will have an advantage while driving in the snow, but stopping in the winter weather relies on excellent driving and winter tires.
  • Your parking brake can help you stop in winter weather. It can be a split-second decision to pull the parking brake in a panic situation. It is important for fleet drivers not to pull the parking brake. It will negate the ability of the vehicle to use its anti-lock braking system.
  • Underinflating your tires will give you more traction. On the surface, this myth would seem to make sense, since you create more surface area with tires. The problem, though, is that fleet drivers would sacrifice grip and will lose traction by following this practice.

Winter is coming, and fleet drivers will have to be a top of their game while driving in this harsh season. Using these tips can help prevent poor practices and accidents while on the road.

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