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Fleet safety tip: Passing with care

Passing another vehicle is one of the most dangerous lane changes a driver can make. Most of the time, it’s best to pass on the left. Passing on the right is allowed only in certain circumstances and only when it can be done safely.

Passing with care tips

Think about the conditions below before you pass another vehicle on the left or right:

  • Are you able to see ahead of the front vehicle to ensure passing is safe?
  • Are you approaching an intersection?
  • Do you need to accelerate above the speed limit to pass?
  • Are there any restrictions, posted or otherwise, against passing on the right?

Remember, when you are planning on passing another vehicle, you cannot predict what that other driver is thinking or doing. Even if a driver displays a turn signal, it doesn’t mean they will follow through with a turn. Another driver may see you attempting to pass and may change lanes left or right to accommodate you and, in turn, change lanes right into your vehicle.

The best plan of action is to know your local laws regarding passing vehicles and to plan your drive with enough time to spare to avoid having to pass except in emergency situations.

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