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Fleet safety tip: Tailgating

No one likes to be tailgated, and yet millions of people do it every day. In fact, there may be times you find yourself tailgating someone else!

Tailgating is a dangerous habit. Center for Transportation Safety recommends these simple tips: 

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To avoid tailgating:

  • Travel at least 2 to 3 seconds behind the vehicle in front of you, and increase the distance when driving in inclement weather 
  • Move over to the passing lane 
  • Be patient and wait for a safe opportunity to pass the slower vehicle 

If you are being tailgated: 

  • Stay calm 
  • Maintain a constant speed and avoid speeding up or slowing down, which increases the tailgater’s frustration 
  • Move to a different lane to allow a tailgater to pass
  • If traveling on a one lane road, slow down enough to allow the tailgating vehicle to safely pass you  on the left or pull over to allow the tailgater to pass, if it is safe to do so
  • Do not tap brakes to signal a tailgater that you want them to back off – this can cause an accident 
  • Avoid tailgaters by driving in the right lane of traffic, using the left lane only for passing
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