Fleet safety tip: The potential hazards of fallen leaves

Fleet safety tip: The potential hazards of fallen leaves

The term autumn is derived from the old Latin term autumnus, which could potentially be translated to “drying-up season.” However, this word has been replaced by a new term: Fall. This could refer to the fact that leaves are “falling” so that trees can survive for the coming winter. Fleet drivers should be careful when driving through the newly fallen leaves that now cover the roads. Use these tips to know how to navigate through the leaves this autumn.

Fleet safety tip: The potential hazards of fallen leaves

The potential driving hazards of fallen leaves:

  • Be cautious of wet leaves. The combination of a wet road and wet leaves can be like driving on ice. Be sure to brake slowly, follow road signs and speed limits.
  • Fallen leaves can hide potholes and damaged roadways. Hitting a pothole at full speed without knowing can cause serious damage to your fleet vehicle.
  • Children love playing in leaf piles. If your fleet duties take you through neighborhoods, be cautious driving through leaf piles or leaves that have accumulated on the sides of the road. Children or animals could be hiding within.
  • Keep the leaves off your windshield. Leaves stuck beneath a fleet vehicle’s wiper could obscure vision, making it harder to see while driving.
  • Keep your engine clear of leaves. A fleet vehicle’s engine could become cluttered and forced to work harder if leaves clog any intakes.

Autumn creates beautiful landscapes with its fallen leaves and warm-colored aesthetic, but fleet drivers should be cautious when driving through those leaves. Using these tips can help you stay safe on the road this fall.

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