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Fleet safety tip: What are your driving challenges?

When you get into your vehicle each day, do you think about what driving challenges you may face on the road? They show up in many forms, and if you’re prepared to deal with them you can potentially avoid a serious collision.

Here are some ways to counteract those driving challenges:

Tips on driving challenges
  • Make a conscious decision to make safe driving a priority.
  • Be mentally prepared. Try to eliminate personal stress or emotions which can be distracting when behind the wheel.
  • Think ahead about situations which could happen while on the road and what you would do to handle them, such as a flat tire, another vehicle coming into your lane, a tailgater, etc.
  • Be alert and expect the unexpected.
  • Anticipate hazards by looking down the road at least 10 seconds ahead of your vehicle or as far as your eyes can see.
  • Keep your eyes moving and check your mirrors every 3-5 seconds.

This preparation will help you drive safely and protect you, your passengers and others on the road.

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