Fleet Safety Tip - How to make sure your car is ready for spring

How to make sure your car is ready for spring

Winter has finally come to an end. That means exchanging those winter coats for short sleeves. But, just because your wardrobe is ready for spring does not mean your vehicle is. Winter can create unimaginable wear and tear on a vehicle that can lead to an immense amount of damage that can often go unnoticed. When you finally do realize something is damaged, it is usually too late.

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Here are some ways fleet drivers can prepare their vehicles for spring:

  • Salt and sand can cause erosion so be sure to clean your vehicle's undercarriage
  • In certain areas, winter tires are a necessity and must be taken off for spring
  • Check the status of your brakes to make sure the salt has not caused erosion
  • Potholes are more common during winter so check your tires' alignment
  • Replace windshield wipers since they are frequently used during winter
  • Check your tire pressure as it fluctuates depending on the temperature

The effects of seasonal damage may not be immediate, but those damages can have long-lasting effects. These tips will protect the well-being of the driver, but also the well-being of the fleet vehicle.

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