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Webinar: Accelerating your EV Journey

At the early stages of fleet electrification, the “Accelerating your EV Journey Webinar” fostered new ways of thinking from HP Inc, Tesla and Enel X. The panel shared critical insights that will help you prepare for your company's electric vehicle transition.

EV Webinar Recap

On July 20, Jason Kazmar from Element Fleet facilitated an engaging panelist discussion with Tereah Otero from HP Inc., Jeff Slye from Enel X, and Tiara Thurston from Tesla. They each shared their unique perspectives and experiences on how to manage the transition to electric vehicles.

HP Inc. offered an operational perspective as they navigate ICE to EV transitions in their fleet. HP Inc.'s EV100 commitment is to transition their global fleet of 4,700 vehicles to EV by 2030. 

“Becoming a founding member of EV 100 enables HP to reinvent sustainable operations and lead change in our industry and beyond. Our commitment to EV 100 will help us continue to support and engage our employees and customers on electric vehicle uptake.” - Tereah Otero

Enel X provided insight on charging considerations for electrified fleets and discuss the importance of having a smart-charging strategy.

“What we’re seeing from having smart charging devices is you’re now really able to leverage how energy is being consumed through the chargers… and even set primitively when you’re going to be charging.” - Jeff Slye 

Tesla offered an OEM perspective of supporting their customers, including EV education and strategies to enhance driver experience through the transition from ICE to EV. 

“The way to overcoming range anxiety is giving the exposure to your employees, getting them behind the wheel of an EV and recognizing that this is really more of a lifestyle change than it is just switching vehicles.” - Tiara Thurston

Ready to learn more about fleet electrification and the evolution to EV? View the webinar recording today!

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