Webinar: Fleet management strategies for 2021

Fleet management strategies for 2021: Optimizing your fleet in changing times

More than ever, fleet managers are being challenged to find efficiencies and become more strategic. As your organization is planning in 2021, view our webinar to learn about ways to optimize your fleet and manage the uncertainty in these changing times.

Element Webinar: Fleet management strategies for 2021

Brad Burgess, Vice President, Salesforce Enablement, Marketing & Global Relationships hosted speakers, Suzanne Benzion, Strategic Consultant, Element Fleet and Philip Tullock, Fleet Operations Manager at GAL Power and discussed:

  • The biggest trends impacting the fleet management industry in 2021 and how they affect your organization
  • Ways to proactively address hidden costs associated with your fleet
  • Lessons learned from a successful fleet management partnership: hear from GAL Power, in their own words, describe their journey evolution from tactical fleet management to strategic performance
  • Question and Answers session  

View the webinar today! 

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