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Exceptional service

A relentless commitment to flawless execution

Delivering exceptional service takes a company-wide commitment. It requires diligence and dedication from each and every person at all levels of the organization.

At Element Fleet Management, service isn't just something we provide, it's a philosophy we practice. It inspires how we partner with clients, and it drives the way we engage with one another.

To truly provide you with quality fleet services, we don't just aim for good, we strive for flawless.

Six Sigma quality management

We continue to invest in growing our Six Sigma quality management program, an initiative aimed at reducing transactional errors with a goal of eliminating them entirely. Our team of certified Six Sigma Black Belts works to monitor and improve over 60 key metrics identified by our clients as things that are measurable and meaningful for them.

Client experience initiatives

We’re not just focused on providing flawless service, we want to provide a flawless experience – from initial training and onboarding to ongoing program management and operations. We take the time to listen to your needs, know your goals and objectives, and understand how you and your drivers like to work.

But we don't stop there. We want to make the products and platforms we build relevant, so we actively engage clients to share their input and insights before and during the development process. We have standing meetings with members of our Client Advisory Board, and we’ve conducted multiple feedback sessions to gain broader client insights. Together we're committed to building a better fleet management experience through continuous collaboration – to ensure we're always meeting our clients' most critical needs.

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