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Fleet outsource model drives down costs

An energy utility company wanted to reduce costs and improve driver safety. This customer managed its fleet in-house, only outsourcing upfitting specifications/design and maintenance to separate third parties. It decided to move to an outsourced model, where Element would spec and facilitate vehicle engineering, ordering and delivery, as well as manage fuel cards, safety and maintenance.

Our Solution

Optimum replacement analysis and utilization of fleet services

Energy utility company outsources fleet

Element's Strategic Consulting team conducted an optimum replacement planning analysis. Our truck engineers developed fit for-purpose specs for the client's vehicles, moving from vans to F250 trucks. The customer replaced the third-party maintenance software it had been using with Element's Maintenance program, in which all information from retail transactions and the customer's inhouse garage was captured and available via InterActive. This program includes proactive preventive maintenance scheduling. In addition, Element implemented driver record checks and the Driver Profile program, as well as Element's Telematics program for its entire fleet to improve driver safety. Weekly reports identify exceptions so managers can work with at-risk drivers. The customer also enrolled in Element's Fuel Services program to control fuel costs.


Over the last three years, this customer has saved $260,000 in fuel costs and $175,000 in maintenance costs. Its fleet is more versatile and ergonomically more effective for drivers. And it has enhanced identification of risky drivers to reduce its risk liability and increase driver safety.

Fleet Profile


  • Energy Utility

Total Fleet Size

  • 900 pickups

Fleet Type

  • Service
  • Centralized

Services Utilized

  • Financing
  • Telematics
  • Fuel
  • Maintenance
  • Personal Usage & Expense
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