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Gaining control of material handling equipment rental costs

This customer was looking for a way to reduce the total cost of its material handling equipment used in its warehouses across the country. The customer's corporate office had no visibility into its forklift inventory or related costs within each of its 80 branch locations. Several branches have low asset usage needs and believed rentals were a better option than leasing new equipment.

Our Solution

Analyze the customer's equipment inventory

Gaining control of material handling equipment costs

As part of the fleet implementation, Element gathered and analyzed the customer's equipment inventory – something that had not been done before. We identified three branches where high cost rentals were being used. Our equipment experts located/purchased forklifts that fit their specific needs, while focusing on providing leasing options that cost less than current rental fees.


The customer saved nearly 70% by leasing rather than renting material handling equipment. In addition, we monitor all the customer's other rental units, eliminating rentals that sit for long periods of time without being used.

Fleet Profile


  • Business services

Total Fleet Size

  • 150 forklifts spread over 80 branch locations

Fleet Type

  • Service

Services Utilized

  • Financing
  • Title, Licensing & Regulation
  • Telematics
  • Accident
  • Maintenance
  • Personal Usage & Expense
  • Rental
  • Fleet Partnership Outsourcing Solutions
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