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Truck experts create CNG pilot program to meet corporate responsibility and cost goals

As part of a broader, corporate “green” initiative, a large beverage company was looking to add CNG trucks to their fleet of vehicles, but adding them also needed to make good business sense. The customer enlisted the help of an outside provider to lead the initial CNG pilot program. It did not go well. Trucks were spec’d incorrectly, fuel tanks systems were recalled which caused additional delays and onsite fueling services were not available. The initial pilot took 18 months to get all 67 trucks in service. The customer was not satisfied with the pricing or service with their current vendor and turned to the experts at Element Fleet Management to oversee the second pilot.

Our solution

Truck experts create CNG pilot program to meet corporate responsibility and cost goals

Element’s strategic consultants and truck engineers went to work to define and implement a CNG pilot program that would be both environmentally friendly and cost effective.

  • Partnered with Freightliner to design a better aero-dynamic truck specific to the customer’s needs
  • Led coordination with a fuel tank provider to build an onsite fueling station 
  • Leveraged our partnership with Amerit to set up a new repair shop and trained new technicians on CNG vehicles
  • Conducted a detailed project review after first truck was built to ensure it met all standards and desired needs
  • Held weekly meetings with key players to ensure success


The second CNG pilot was a success. In only three months, 97 trucks were placed into service. As a result of new processes and infrastructure put in place, vehicle uptime has greatly improved - reaching 100% in recent months.

Fleet profile


  • Food & Beverage

Total Fleet Size

  • 6,400

Fleet Type

  • Delivery

Services Utilized

  • Financing
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