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Taxable Benefit

Bolster personal use, vehicle expense and fleet mileage tracking for tax regulation compliance

If your drivers use your company vehicles for personal use, then our Taxable Benefit program makes it easy to stay compliant with all the relevant tax regulations, without a significant administrative burden. We can manage the entire personal mileage and vehicle expense log tracking process for you. Support tools and online driver log reporting streamline tax-related administrative processes, making it easy for your drivers to log personal and business vehicle usage and help your organization comply with tax regulations. 

Track personal use and streamline the tax reporting process

Drivers have 24/7 access to business and personal mileage reporting via web, mobile and telephone. GPS-enabled trip-logging captures the miles or kilometers driven to simplify driver log management. Automated taxable benefit calculations ensure drivers follow the latest tax codes and guidelines, and email reminders make sure drivers stay up-to-date on business and personal mileage reporting. Driver tools make day-to-day odometer and car mileage tracking more convenient and simplify monthly reporting processes.

We’ll provide a comprehensive data capture, calculation and reporting package that allows you to easily and effectively comply with governmental regulations to facilitate the payroll processing of these benefits

Vehicle allowance taxable benefits program

Reduce administrative tasks tied to taxable benefit reporting while improving accuracy and compliance:

  • You can easily track personal and business use of your company vehicles
  • Drivers can report business and personal miles/kilometers with easy-to-use web, mobile and telephone reporting applications
  • Ensure compliance with the latest IRS and CRA regulations
  • Automated driver email reminders reduce internal follow-up efforts
  • Automated taxable benefit calculation makes sure drivers follow latest tax codes and guidelines (U.S.)
  • Reduce the administrative burden of capturing, storing and calculating taxable benefits
  • Detailed fleet mileage reports are sent to your payroll department
  • Access to comprehensive fleet fuel management metrics and exception reporting
  • Consolidated year-end report for easy payroll processing

Why Element

The Element advantage

Fleet technology tools, such as a responsive website driver app, making it easy for your drivers to report personal use

End-to-end service:

Collect, scrub and maintain driver-reported odometer

Apply driver credits reported by your company

Produce a payroll-ready year-end taxable benefit report in the format you need on the date you require

Looking to log your mileage?

Log into Xcelerate for Drivers to find fuel locations and report your business and personal use mileage.

Personal use is defined as any use of an employer-provided vehicle that is not for the benefit of the employer’s trade of business including:

  • Commuting
  • Personal errands
  • Vacations
  • Use by family members or others
  • Other use not related to your business
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