Fleet Management Outsourcing | Element Fleet Management

Fleet management outsourcing that frees you to focus on your business

If you want or need to have your fleet program managed by a dedicated team at Element Fleet Management, our TotalFleetTM program delivers efficiency and enhanced fleet performance.

Our meticulous attention to every detail of your fleet's administration ensures optimal performance and cost efficiencies. You are matched with a dedicated account specialist, who is backed by a support team that will work with you to assess your fleet objectives and needs. You define the level of support you're looking for, including:

  • TotalFleetTM Essential: Call center support only
  • TotalFleetTM Advanced:
    • Day-to-day administration and service delivery
    • Ongoing program monitoring and assessment
  • TotalFleetTM Ultimate: Full outsourcing where we serve as your fleet manager

The TotalFleetTM outsourcing program helps you reduce overall costs through use of best practices, outstanding customer contact centers, and knowledgeable fleet experts working on your behalf.

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