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Km Logbook

As a part of our ongoing environmental initiatives, Element is pleased to offer a convenient Kilometre Log Book in two formats to help you record your business and personal kilometres. *

These Log Book tools have been developed to help support tracking of daily/trip kilometre usage. Please note that you are still required to report your kilometres online on a monthly basis.

Kilometre Log Book

  System Requirements  


Digital - a print-ready PDF that you can print yourself and store in your glove compartment.


Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher

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The Element Kilometre Tracker an editable Excel file including electronic tracking and automatic totalling that you can update and store on your own computer. 


 - Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher.

 - Ensure content and macros are enabled after opening tool.

 - Please save to your computer before using.


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If your tax reporting period is not a calendar year, please follow these instructions to correctly use the tool.
1. Start by entering the current opening odometer at the beginning of your first reporting month.
2. Manually type into the beginning odometer of January the last calculated opening odometer from the month of December.


*Drivers are solely responsible to ensure that they keep sufficiently detailed records relating to vehicle use to satisfy legal, tax and accounting requirements. You may wish to consult with appropriate professional advisors to ensure that your record-keeping is sufficient. Element Fleet Management does not represent or warrant that use of this log book will be sufficient to satisfy any applicable legal, tax or accounting requirements.

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