Hurricane Laura - Element Client and Driver Update

Hurricane Laura - Element Client and Driver Update

Effective August 26, 2020

Hurricane Laura is currently predicted to impact Louisiana and east Texas on Wednesday night, August 26 into Thursday, August 27 as a Category 4 hurricane. States of emergency have been declared in Louisiana and Texas. Visit for the latest storm tracking and see below for preparedness information from Element Fleet Management. 

Hurricane Laura Preparedness and Response - Element Fleet Management

Element is monitoring the storm as it intensifies over the coming days. Our Contact Centers remain ready and available to assist fleet drivers as needed. We are in the process of identifying drivers in the affected area and have sent them the tips below where we have contact information. We encourage fleet managers to update their drivers as well, as needed.

To view your vehicle assets in the region in real-time, use Geospatial Dashboard in Xcelerate. The 2D/3D map interface lets you identify assets which may be in the path of the storm based on the garaged address. From the map, you can drill into specific regions, states or cities. To get there, login to Xcelerate, go to the Analysis menu, then > Dashboards & KPIs > Geospatial Dashboard.

Element's Response

If your drivers are impacted by Hurricane Laura, we are here to help:

  • Fuel Finder Map: Your drivers can use the Xcelerate Fuel Finder to find open gas stations once it's safe to drive. Fuel location detail will provide information about the last time an update from the location was received, and those with updates over 24 hours old are likely not viable options.
  • Remember to check your authorization controls to ensure they are high enough in case your drivers need fuel multiple times in one day. If you need to adjust authorization controls to accommodate higher than normal purchase activity, please contact us. 
  • Prioritizing impacted drivers: Call centers for Customer Care, Managed Maintenance and Accident Management will prioritize calls from area codes impacted by the storm to ensure prompt service for those impacted. Our team is preparing for a potential influx of calls from this area.
  • Updates from suppliers: We are reaching out to our partners in the region. Our team will reach out to dealerships that have our vehicles on the ground and to suppliers with customer vehicle repairs in progress – these are particularly vulnerable to additional damage. Due to mandatory evacuations and storm-related issues, you should expect supplier delays or closure of dealerships, fuel, maintenance, accident repair suppliers as well as auction facilities sales and pickups.  If you have facilitated the movement of any vehicles for auction pickup to prepare for the storm, please inform Element as soon as possible on the new pickup location.
  • A reminder to Element Telematics customers: You can use your Monitor platform for real-time location information of vehicles in impacted areas.
  • Rental Cars: Work with Element representatives on replacement vehicle requests. We have rental car representatives in our offices who are prioritizing Element driver requests.
  • Title & Registration:  If you have a pending Title and Registration transaction, please note that Element is monitoring DMV closures and delays.
  • If you can't find your company standard contact information for Element or your fleet manager, call us at 800-331-7764 and we will get you to the right resources!

Driver Tips

  • Keep in mind that: services such as roadside assistance, repairs and gas stations may be restricted or delayed during and after a severe weather event.
  • Buy fuel before the storm hits: Find gas stations that are open and selling fuel with our fuel locator here
  • Don't drive during a hurricane
  • "Turn around and don't drown" - don't drive through flooded roads and avoid downed wires
  • Get vehicles to a safe area at a higher elevation, if possible, to avoid flood damage
  • Use company standard reporting process should your vehicle sustain storm damage
  • Remember that roadside assistance, repairs, gas stations and other services may be limited or delayed during and after a severe weather event.

Watch these links to keep track of storm information and the latest updates in Louisiana and Texas:

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