Element's new Maintenance Platform

Element's new Maintenance Platform

Element's new Maintenance platform

When a request for repair exceeds Element’s authorization limit, you will receive an email requesting approval. 

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Three Easy Steps to action an Element approval request

Trois étapes faciles à suivre... pour répondre à une demande d’approbation d’Element

About the new Maintenance platform

The launch of our new Maintenance platform demonstrates Element’s dedication to delivering a consistent, superior client experience. We are replacing our legacy Maintenance application with new, state-of-the-art technology that electronically integrates with our vast U.S. and Canadian repair shop network - providing tangible benefits to you and your fleet.

Just a few things you will experience

  • Real-time pre-Authorization and odometer validation of under-card limit repairs improving PM compliance reporting and billing accuracy
  • Accuracy and consistency of client policy enforcement, improving repair decisioning resulting in potential cost savings
  • Enhanced cycle time reporting from repair through billing

During the transition…

Until all repairs are migrated on to the new system, you will receive Maintenance alerts in a new format for onboarded suppliers and the existing format for all other suppliers. One of the new features will be the ability to see unit repair history and diary notes for improved decisioning.

English: View our new maintenance alert user guide.

French: View our new maintenance alert user guide.

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